The app has minimal functionality and is solely focused on photo uploading, with a page for new uploads, a page for your past upload history, and then a page to see all your connected frames. It doesn’t have any further controls for the frame itself, beyond sending photos. If you have any scrap wood lying around, use this easy tutorial to make your own DIY picture frames.

Even though these tablets have IPS screens and are certainly affordable , their screens are too dim and offer poor viewing angles. I currently have a 7-inch Fire stuck to my fridge as a persistent weather display. When the sun is out, I have to get really close in order to see what’s on the screen. The list of web-based services that Aura’s platform connects to is awfully short, limited to Google Photos.

Michaels is your go-to frame store for thousands of how to make a picture frame out of woods in every shape and style to protect and showcase your favorite photos, mementos, documents, and more. Our selection includes table frames for your desk and end tables and wall frames to complete your gallery wall or add a focal piece to any space. Our frames include collage and multi-opening frames to display several favorites in one hanging frame. Show your alumni pride and education milestones with diploma frames for your office or workspace. Our frame selection also includes shadow boxes and display cases for special mementos and keepsakes, such as kids’ art, beach shells, sports memorabilia, and more.

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This tutorial from Young House Love shows how to make a photo frame from scrap wood. Another adorable DIY frame idea from Shanty 2 Chic – big bow pictures frames with mini clothespins for easy photo changing. From 1610 to 1643, under the reign of Louis XIII in France, the influence of court and refinement took center stage in frame designs.

Compared with a lot of other frames in this category, the Mason has an aesthetic that combines form and function quite well. The frame has nifty features, such as touch-sensitive strips that let you mark favorite photos and go forward and backward with a swipe. Yet the grooved, textured plastic makes the Mason look like a nice frame you might buy for a print photo. Instead of relying on a flimsy stand to prop itself up, the Mason has weights on two sides that allow you to position the frame in either portrait or landscape mode. Previous research indicated that Wirecutter readers were most interested in digital frames measuring 8 to 11 inches diagonal.

  • Even though the cheap Aluratek 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame was labeled “Amazon’s Choice” at the time we tested it, we strongly recommend that you steer clear of it.
  • For some inspiration on what to frame, check out our 25 Personalized Picture Frames Ideas.
  • A picture mount is like a secondary frame, inside the frame.
  • We use a wide format, professional grade photo printer that can print up to 2880×1440 DPI.
  • While these are almost invariably simply functional, there are examples of works in which they have been decorated and considered part of the artwork.
  • I had consultations for both projects, and all of my options were presented.

Your frame itself, at the end of the day, is replaceable; a precious photo or piece of artwork is not. Covers for frames are typically made of one of two types of material — glass or acrylic. The cover is another key part of any frame, as this is what allows you to view your special art inside! Just as the backing should protect your art, the cover should, too.

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In the past couple years, I’ve had two items professionally framed by Saline Co. I had consultations for both projects, and all of my options were presented. One item was a simple poster, and the other required a mat. The color of the mat complimented the items and frame well.

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I then uploaded to each frame an identical set of 74 photos from my library. These photos included professional ones from my wedding, as well as older and newer smartphone and digital-camera photos. Of all the frames we tried, the Aura Mason came the closest to mimicking a regular photo frame. The Mason is straightforward to set up and use, and remotely loading photos is a breeze . With this frame it is easy to add photos on the app or through a web uploader.


And (with the exception of existing Google Photos users who own a Google Assistant–powered smart display) you won’t find smart displays any easier to upload to and use than a digital photo frame. If you have smart products in your home, you might own—or be interested in owning—a smart display powered by Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Smart displays like the Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest Hub allow you to have photos as the main screensaver, resulting in something similar to a photo frame. Our smart display picks are nearly all cheaper than our digital photo frame picks, but the tradeoff is a smaller screen. Order an Aura digital photo frame, preload it with photos, and add a gift message.